Sizzling Social Media


The trick to holding all of this together lies in meeting your clients where they are. It's about hanging out with them, sharing ideas, resources, inspiration and humour—almost like you're a 'real person'! 😉

Engaging with your crowd, particularly on Facebook, is quite a particular skill. Facebook requires us to run the gauntlet of its hush-hush algorithms, which makes it quite a challenge for business pages to gain visibility and traction organically.

What works is regular posting of stimulating content, eye-catching images and lots of likes, shares and chat. So, where do you get your ideas? How do you know what sorts of posts to write? How do you fit this in as part of your overall content-marketing plan and still have time to breathe?

What's in the box?

  • A client questionnaire to dig deep and find out who you love working with, what they're like and how they think (you can use this later too when developing products and services)
  • A phone consultation because I'd like to hear your voice and get a feel for your personality in order to wrte in a way that sounds 'like you'
  • Research into your business and your competitors, to establish your Unique Selling Point and create a voice and a style that 'zigs' when others 'zag'
  • Professional copywriting and editing in a style unique to your business, appealing to your clients, beautifully written and fun to read!
  • Prompt delivery of your Facebook posts and images. The '10 packs' are delivered within 10 business days after our phone consultation. The '20 packs' are delivered within 15 business days. For the 'set and forget' package, your posts are scheduled for agreed times, as we go.

Pricing and Packages

10 Pack

  • 10x Facebook posts for your business page, every word carefully chosen for maximum impact and engagement
  • 10x unique accompanying images, including your website link

20 Pack

  • 20x varied, stimulating Facebook posts, tailored to your target audience, designed to create buzz and get your page moving
  • 20x accompanying, shareable images including your website link

Set and forget

Grow your Facebook page and watch it thrive, while only having to pop in and comment under posts.

  • 7x Facebook posts + 7x tailored images per week until you say 'stop'
  • Posts will be loaded and scheduled - ready to go

Interested so far?

The next step is for me to get to know a little about you.