Addictive Newsletters


The gold is in your email list. Thriving businesses tend to have large mailing lists OR they provide top-quality, niched content to a 'boutique' list of very ideal clients.

If you've nailed your web copy, invited your ideal readers into an ongoing relationship through your opt-in gift and taken them deeper into your expertise with your blog, the next step is updating them regularly about what you sell and how they can access it.

But regular 'sales' newsletters? Ick! It has to be more than that. You want people hungry for your wisdom and inspiration. They want to be entertained and enriched by what you have to say, or they'll delete and unsubscribe. Now, we don't like to brag, but newsletters created by The Storytelling Business tend to be saved in their own special folders. For keeps!


What's in the box?

  • A client questionnaire to dig deep and find out who you love working with, what they're like and how they think (useful for your later product and service development too!)
  • A phone consultation because I'd like to hear your voice and get a feel for your personality in order to write in a way that sounds 'like you'
  • Research into your business and your competitors, to establish your Unique Selling Point and create a voice and a style that 'zigs' when others 'zag'
  • Professional copywriting and editing in a style that is unique and appealing to your clients, beautifully written and fun to read
  • Prompt delivery of your fresh newsletter copy and tailored graphic on an agreed date each month

Pricing and Packages


5x inspirational articles, crafted to resonate with your ideal clients

5x matching tailored graphics


10 Pack

10x inspirational articles that your ideal audience will love

10x tailored graphics to match


Set and forget

Irresistible, uplifting weekly newsletter articles, until you say 'stop'. Keep your mailing list happy and interested on a consistent basis.


Interested so far?

The next step is for me to get to know a little about you.