Complete Content Marketing

complete content marketing

Companies employ communications specialists for a reason. It makes sense to have your website, opt-in, blog, newsletter and social media written by one person, in a consistent style and tone. You might choose to hand over the management of your content marketing for a variety of reasons:

  • The copy reads very professionally and increases client engagement
  • You don't have time to write your content, don't enjoy it, or it removes you from other income-generating actions that you're better at
  • You're successful at what you do, you want to 'go pro' now and step up the quality of your online presence

Letting someone 'take over' your online presence is a big step, involving a lot of trust. Done well, it's one of those steps from which businesses never look back...

What's in the box?

  • A client questionnaire to dig deep and find out who you love working with, what they're like and how they think (most people find this exercise incredibly useful for their future business strategy)
  • A phone or in-person consultation (travel arranged by client) where you will walk me through how you and your business operate, in depth. I'll also be able to get a feel for your personality and style, in order to write in a way that sounds 'like you'
  • Substantial research into your business and your competitors, to establish your Unique Selling Point and create a voice and a style that leaps off the page


  • Professional copywriting and editing in a style unique to your business, appealing to your clients, beautifully written and fun to read!
  • Prompt delivery of your content, at milestones agreed between us
  • Additional services upon request. You may like your standard correspondence templates overhauled, or speeches written... let me know what you need and I'll provide a quote for the service.


Complete Content Marketing Package

Up to 10 pages of web copy (overhaul what you have or start from scratch), valued at $2500

A fresh, 2-page opt-in, valued at $250

A 5-part email auto-responder series, valued at $900

Weekly 500-word blog posts, valued at $9540/year

Fortnightly newsletter packs, valued at $4770/year

  • Inspirational articles
  • Graphics to match

'Set and forget' Facebook page management, valued at $15340/year

  • 5x posts per week
  • Unique graphics to match

BONUS, valued over $1000

  • Editing of up to 5 email correspondence templates
  • Monthly strategy calls to align content with your direction
  • Two 'FREE HOURS' a month. Ask me to look over a document or work on a landing page—use my expertise however you like

TOTAL VALUE - Over $34,000 of complete content marketing work annually


Next steps

This is a big decision. You're effectively hiring me to write for you as an 'on tap' specialist. We both need to know that the arrangement is going to work—I need to be able to 'slip into your shoes' and communicate for you online.

It's important that we're a good fit, so the process involves a number of steps. Before I write a single word:

  • I'll send you a questionnaire about who you like to work with, your offerings, keywords and preferred style
  • We'll have an extensive phone consultation (or meet in person) and you'll 'induct' me into your business
  • I'll speak with other staff members (if relevant) and collect information from them about your work
  • I'll conduct online research into your business and your competitors

Once I'm 'on the right page', we'll start with your web copy and opt-in gift. Once those are done to your complete satisfaction, I'll embark on the recurring content generation (blogs, newsletters and Facebook posts).

We'll catch up each month for a strategy meeting. I'll run my ideas past you, and you can brief me on developments and strategy. In the meantime, you can lean on me for help with your words at any stage in the month, for up to two 'free hours'.

Would you like to discuss how we can work together? Step one is to send me a few details about your business. There's no obligation to proceed at this point—this just gets the conversation started...

Yes, I'm interested

*Minimum commitment 6 months