Compelling Blog Posts


Ah, blogs: the stage upon which we spotlight our talent, knowledge, products and services. Blogging is how we keep the spark alive for our readers, offering fresh, interesting content that reminds them how valuable we are.

A lot of blogs start with good intentions. Then the ideas dry up, the posting gets harder and the blog starts to decompose. 'Blog neglect' is a 'thing'. Bad cases of it are pushed to the edge of the internet where they perch like wallflowers, popping a hand up every now and then, hoping to attract someone. Inconsistent posting confuses readers. They're left questioning whether or not you're serious.

For ultimate engagement you need to be blogging at least weekly. If that sounds about as much fun as watching the loading symbol on a slow internet day, or if you'd rather spend your time on things you're good at, maybe you could outsource this crucial aspect of your business to someone who could blog til the cows came home...

What's in the box?

  • A client questionnaire to dig deep and find out who you love working with, what they're like and how they think (you'll be able to use this later when you develop other products and services)
  • A phone consultation because I'd like to hear your voice and get a feel for your personality in order to write in a way that sounds 'like you'
  • Research into your business and your competitors, to establish your Unique Selling Point and create a voice and a style that 'zigs' when others 'zag'
  • Professional copywriting and editing in a style that is unique to your business, appealing to your ideal clients, beautifully written and fun to read!
  • Prompt delivery of your blog-post packs. '5 packs' are delivered within 10 business days after our phone consultation. '10 packs' are delivered within 20 business days. The blog posts are delivered in packs, rather than 'drip-fed', so that you can choose which order you'd like to post them, and whether or not you'll intersperse my posts with some of your own. For the 'set and forget' package, posts are delivered weekly, on an agreed day.

Pricing and Packages


5x entertaining and inspirational 500-word blog posts, carefully targeted to your ideal audience


10 Pack

10x 500-word blog posts designed to build a loyal, engaged readership. Use them in a row or intersperse them with your own posts.



Set and forget

Unique, engaging, weekly blog posts, until you say 'stop'. This is the ultimate 'set and forget' process. Keep your website alive and thriving and get on with what you do best.



Interested so far?

The next step is for me to get to know a little about you.