The Storytelling Business

Do you have your readers at 'hello'? Or are you using the English language as a tropical-strength client-repellent?

storyGreat web copy reaches out of the screen and wraps around your reader's imagination like the opening of a good novel. That's how it should be. Creative, imaginative, addictive... yet we're often left flailing in a soup of buzz words, broken links and yawning copy that reeks of 'can't someone else write this?'

People have the attention span of gnats. We can't help it. It's all the open tabs and pinging and beeping and Tweeting and whatnot. The average time we spend on a website is 15 seconds, and there are one billion websites online.

It's demoralising to leap about with a flashy-looking site that you've spent thousands on, shovelling money into ads, trying to dredge it higher in the slush pile than your competitors, only to find traffic at a standstill. Nobody's opting in (aside from your mum and your best friend). Or people do opt in, only to unsubscribe after a couple of newsletters, because meh. You love your work, but your heart's not in the writing

It's not you. It's your copy.

If the thought of concocting pages of new web copy and throwing thousands of words at a blog each week brings you out in hives, you're not alone. Lots of people hate writing. Or they find it takes aaages. Whole days are wasted in a tennis match of write, delete, write, delete... GAH!

That's the point at which most of my clients stumble in here, clutching a pile of scrunched-up copy, begging me to fix it. Because words are my thing. Writing is my first love. Splashing around on a blank page, playing with words, snowballed into two published books, lots of web copy, several eBooks and hundreds of published articles, newsletters, blog posts and social media shares.

There are thousands of dollars hidden in your story.

And you need your future clients falling in love with it, word by word—not even realising it until BAM! You're their BAE. (That's an acronym from the cool kids meaning 'Before Anyone Else'). And you will be! You'll be uppermost in their minds. Top of their lists. Before Anyone Else, especially your competitors.

I'd love to create gorgeous, client-centred copy for your business. No buzz words. No 'blah'. Just every precious word, exactly where it should be...

A little about me...


I'm Emma Grey and I fell into this business as a hybrid novelist/business owner. I was getting all "Trinny & Susannah" about web copy, jumping out at unsuspecting business owners and dressing their scruffy copy in playful, head-turning prose—just for the buzz of the 'reveal'.

My first book, Wits' End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum was published by Lothian in 2005. Unrequited: Girl Meets Boy Band was published in 2014. You can read the reviews on Amazon.

My words have been published many times in the national print and online media, including on Mamamia and in my regular column for HerCanberra. I've been running writing and social media workshops over many years.

Check out the web copy for another of my businesses, My 15 Minutes (which delivered its first sale four minutes after going live, with the feedback: "Are you inside my HEAD?") And for examples of how I do Facebook, look at WorkLifeBliss.

Quals are important too: BA (Hons), Dip Ed, Grad Cert (Professional Communication) and coaching and training qualifications.

I have two teenage daughters and a three-year-old son. My passions are writing, running and Jamie Fraser, from Outlander, probably not in that order...